Remembering Veteran Charley Williams this Memorial Day

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- War changes people forever. Charley Williams joined the Army to help pay for his education.  Years later he found himself on the front lines of Iraq, searching for roadside bombs. He was still trying to recover from the pain he brought home with him when we did a story on him in 2009.  Some of that pain is visible, most is pain that is not. Many of the vets I have spoken with over the years feel very isolated, because, in their minds, they have lived through something most people will never understand. Often times, what they have seen and what they have been through is unspeakable to them. Charley often liked to walk through the Veterans cemetery in Memphis, he thought about those soldier who never made it home and it made him feel fortunate to still be alive. Last I heard from Charley he was getting remarried and trying very hard to rebuild a new life.  (2009 story