Winnie The Baby Hippo

Winnie, the baby hippo born to the Memphis Zoo last spring is growing more independent by the day. She recently swam away from her mother Binti and Winnie started doing joyful little flips under water. It’s enough to melt anyone’s heart. 

I just want to reach in and tickle that chubby little hippo belly.  Actually, she not so little anymore, she has grown from 78 lbs. at birth to a whopping 600 lbs.. 

Binti has been such a great mom. She rolls her giant body onto its side when her little chubette wants to nurse. Little Winnie bobs up and down, sneaking a breath here and there while nursing. 

The two are doing just great! 

 “The story begins in 1914 with the arrival of “Venus” and “Adonis” – the Memphis Zoo hippo who sired 25 offspring, and propelled the Memphis Zoo to the status of “Hippo Capital of the World.” Adonis lived until 1965, when he died at the age of 54. He was the world’s longest living hippopotamus” according to the Memphis Zoo.  

Hippopotami are the third-largest land mammals. They can weigh up to 7,900 pounds, can be 15 feet long and five feet tall. 


Chubby little hippo belly, Winnie . 


Binti and baby Winnie at the Memphis Zoo. 


Binti and baby Winnie at the Memphis Zoo, November, 2017.