The 87th Annual Terrapin Derby

The 87th Annual Terrapin Derby was held along Main Street in Lepanto, Arkansas on Saturday October 7th, 2017. The Terrapin Derby features fair food, music and entertainment but the festival’s main draws is the turtle race. The race features turtles racing down a 60-foot racetrack, all vying for the finish line while being cheered on by the locals. The Lepanto Terrapin Derby is a festival that has been held in Lepanto (Poinsett County) every year since 1930.

A Giraffe Whisperer

Some days I can't believe they pay me, and other days they can't pay me enough. That's the life of a photojournalist. I have always enjoyed working with The Memphis Zoo. We have an awesome zoo here in Memphis. Their giraffe, Marilyn, gave birth to her sixth calf May 16, the baby male is named Tamu. This giraffe is a great mother and is the same mother that I photographed years ago, in what has become one of my most popular photographs, with another baby.

New Baby Giraffe